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Home of boundless creativity to decorate your interiors’’ provides orac decor decorative elements that are made from synthetic materials and offer many advantages in comparison to plaster. Our product offers endless possibilities for modern interior designing with easy installation. We have a complete range of orac decor products at highly affordable rates.


We provide covings and cornice that fulfills the functions of covering the joints between ceiling and wall. They fulfill their functional role and also provide a complete transform to your room.  Our orac decor coving and cornice are easy to install and do not require specialist skills. They are not heavy and brittle like plaster. These are durable, much lighter weight, hence, less prone to damage, also gives smoothness to your ceilings.


Skirting boards are an essential part of any room. provides orac decor skirting boards that conceal the joint between floor and wall. Messy cables can be hidden by the use of our skirting board. A perfect skirting board gives a finishing touch to your room.  Our skirting boards can also hide the old damaged skirting boards behind them. These skirting boards are water resistant so can be used in damp places as well. They can be painted with the same color as the wall or in contrast with the walls. 


We provide orac decor wall mouldings in all shapes, sizes and styles. These mouldings help you in framing the walls and ceilings. also provides flexible orac decor mouldings that give our customers a limitless scope for decorating and designing their homes. These high quality mouldings can be easily bent, but are as solid as the standard non flexible provides a full range of orac decor products giving our consumers an unforgettable experience of modern interior designing. 

Why Choose Orac Décor from

  • is one of the good options for your interior décor because of the following services we deliver to our customers. 
  • We deliver a versatility of designs, durable material with unique patterns and themes. 
  • To enhance the look and to make your interior appealing and inviting utilize our enhancing orac décor.
  • You don’t need any special treatment to maintain our decor. They need little maintenance to satisfy your inside. 
  • Our professionals always prefer standard quality material to produce these decorative elements and never compromise in quality. That is the reason we have amazing designs and reliable quality material in orac decor.
  • We made our wall amazing using these orac décor which give a soft and comfortable look to your eye that is the reason we are a leading online company.
  • provides a perfect color scheme in these decors which are mostly neutral and give a classic look to your interior. 
  • In the entire UAE, we are one of the foremost suppliers, providing reasonable prices with supremacy. For being the top supplier and manufacturers, we are admired with our services as well as product.

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