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Cow Hide Rugs

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Voguish Cow Hide Rugs

Rugs are a unique type of carpets. They unlike carpets only cover a partial area of the floor. Rugs are these days more used than carpets which cover the floor from wall to wall. Rugs are bit thicker than normal carpets. Rugs are used for gracing the floor of our bed rooms, offices or living rooms.

Rugs these days are a symbol of royalty that add up to the splendid interior of any room to make a positive impact on the visitors. Out of all the amazing type of rugs furniture online brings to you the most wanted type of rugs in the present time. Cow hide rugs are rugs made from natural Cow Hide also called cow skin.


Manufacture Of Rugs From Cow Hide In Dubai


Cows are raised in meat plants and after the consumption of their dairy products and meat their skin doesn’t goes wasted but is bought by manufactured to create furniture out of them like these rugs of Cow Hide Abu Dhabi. Then this skin is soaked into water to keep it soft for further processing. Then the cowhide is sunken into brine which is salt solution. This brine removes any type of impurity and bacteria from the cow hide. As a result the hide gets safer and even softer.

Cow hide Dubai then undergoes the process of tanning during which it completely dried out and its protein content is removed as a result it turns out to be a hairy animal hide rug.


Some Special Feature Of Cow Hide Dubai


  • There are several options to choose from based on colour, thickness, style and cuts to go for all kind of rooms.
  • High standard raw material is used to manufacture these rugs to keep up the standards.
  • The material used is cleaned and checked under supervision of experts to ensure  hygiene and uyer satisfaction.
  • Latest technology, machines and wel trained staff are used to process these special cow hide rugs for you.
  • Despite their uniqueness the rugs are made avalible to clients at very affordable prices ensuring not to make it difficult for all to buy these.
  • These cow hide rugs are made fire proof as well as anti slippery to prevent any kind of damage to the users.
  • These Cow Hide Dubai are suitable for all aged people due to their safety measurements and easy handling techniques.
  • Cow hide rugs can be bought in bulk or as a  single piece depending upon your own need and requirement.
  • Once order these cow hide rugs are deliever to your prescribed addresses for convinence and to cancel out your tension to travel and take them with you.
  • A well equippted team comes with these rugs in order to ensure perfect fitting of these Cow Hide Rugs In Dubai.
  • Cow hide rugs are very easy to maintain and clean at home saving your efforts, money and creating easy for you by subtracting your effort of taking them for dry cleaning.


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What do you feel about having some cow cover rugs? do not they look genuinely cool? well, they designated do and you may have one of the most high-quality for your houses, locations of labor, and lodges at the pleasant charges. because of this it will be a without doubt proper notion to get one of the most first-class that may be found within the market. We, at Dubai Interiors, are right here to provide a quantity of the excellent cow hide rugs that you could be ever realize. There are plenty of merchandise which might be available in the market and also you would certainly get them at uncommon prices. These rugs have constantly been very famous and for the reason that of the present advanced methods of manufacturing, the discontinue consequences are truely method larger than what were on hand in yesteryears. because of this it’d be a really suitable thought to select a number of the excellent Rugs Dubai available from us and enhance your vicinity. we’d be there to aid you in the entire achievable ways and make it a precious mission for you.

Cow disguise Rugs, like highest of the opposite rug sorts, are stated to be very comfortable and really robust in maintaining the subject warm. it will be imparting a tender area to hold your toes on the difficult ground. as a result getting some certain nice rugs is whatever that you simply have got to do to make your house a larger place to are living in. These rugs might additionally make the room look a ways extra entire and indulgent. only one rug is sufficient to alternate the overall outlook of the vicinity relying on the function and the coloration. The rugs might also take in noise and as a consequence make the room more liveable. additionally, it has been decided in present study that the rugs might entice allergens in the air and as a result make it bigger suited for men and women who suffer from particular allergy symptoms.
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The rugs that we might present you are available in designated colors, shapes, and sizes and you could have them placed anyplace you may quite like. There are even customized variants in which the cow hide rugs can be to be had in shapes like quadrilaterals to make the neighborhood look even bigger charming. Customising your interiors with the certain products could also be without a doubt clean since the tremendous plethora of products that we must provide. also, our executives might make existence less elaborate for you by way of guiding you roughly which product to choose out notably situated on the design, in shape, sturdiness and various distinct associated elements. we would without doubt make it an first-class experience for you.
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