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Sheer Curtains – The Ultimate Cost Effective Window Treatment


Sheer curtains are the ideal alternative to expensive window treatment as they prove to be cost effective by reducing the energy bills significantly. Since they are light and airy and offer high level of functionality by filtering and diffusing light that consequently eliminates the need of additional lightning during the day. While making the space brighter Sheer Curtains also fully retain your privacy. Plus, sheer curtains come in several different kinds of fabrics and various colors and pattern. In short, you can achieve different looks by simply hanging sheer curtains in your home.

Perks of sheer curtains 

Back in the days, ‘nets’ were the sheer curtains of that time and they have come a long way since then. From centuries to this day sheer curtains have never failed to offer countless functional benefits, such as;

  1. Sheer curtains are highly durable and long lasting.
  2. They are made from gauzy fabrics and linens that create fine textures and offer a romantic and sophisticated look.
  3. Sheer curtains also make a win-win solution because they have a glamorous, ornate effect that is easy to clean and maintain.
  4. They maximizes the amount of natural light in the room while providing a layer of coverage that maintains your privacy.
  5. Sheer curtains are highly versatile in nature.
  6. They prove to be cost effective in the long run.

Fade Resistant Sheer Curtains

Apart from benefits, our collection of sheer curtains is also enriched with other quality features and being fade resistant is one of the many features they possess. Even after constantly being exposed to a lot of harsh sunlight, the fabrics of sheer curtains does not lose its natural color tone and shade. We manufacture our Sheer Curtains In Abu Dhabi using a special treatment that makes them fade resistance, therefore they never lose their aesthetic appearance even after years of usage.

Applications for sheer curtains 

Sheer curtains can be installed in variety of places, but are considered ideal for spaces that get a lot of sunlight. The reason being the texture of their fabric that do not completely blocks the light but diffuses the light rays in a beautiful way. And while diffusing light our sheer curtains in Dubai still retain outwards visibility. Because of this particular quality feature, they make an excellent addition to the following areas;

  1. Bedrooms
  2. Living spaces
  3. Rooms with an outdoor view such as road fronts or gardens.

About installation of sheer curtains , they can be hanged over a single panel that sits inside the window frame and doesn’t move. Or you could choose one single panel that can be opened whenever you want, or two panels that meet in the middle. In other words, there are multiple ways to install sheer curtains and create different looks depending on the installation style. We also offer installation services that you will get complementary once you purchase sheer curtains in Abu Dhabi from us.

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