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Mosque Carpet

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Mosque Carpet – Prayers with Devotion


Mosque carpet is a holy carpet that are installed in the Masjid or mosque on the floors. These carpets are specially designed for the mosques or masjid which is different from our wide varieties of beautiful carpets.

We, have been the Mosque Carpet Suppliers for a long time, not only we are the mosque carpet suppliers in Abu Dhabi but other states as well, having quality mosque carpet for sale with flexible Mosque Carpet Price.

We offer Mosque carpet Dubai that has exceptional flooring designs with finest quality, beautiful colors, and excellent patterns of mosque carpets.


Features Mosque Carpet


Mosque carpet have many types and shapes. These differences result from many factors. Choosing the right type of carpets is a delicate process that needs some time. To make this process easier, here are some qualities of our product;

  • Thickness

The thickness of the carpets is a basic factor, with large thickness, it is comfortable for worshipers.

  • Thread type

The thread used in the knitting of the carpets has a great role in determining its quality and this factor depends on the desire of the buyer. If you want soft carpets, polyester will be your choice, but if you want comfort, we have wool too.

  • Color

The colors of the Mosque Carpet are close to each other, the most famous of which are dark blue, dark red and dark green, added to them gold and black, and some colors that complement the attractive appearance, but it should be noted that dark blue is the most durable.


Services provided by us?


  1. Among all the leading company in all over UAE, we are one with the wide range of colors, beautiful and attractive designs.
  2. With the good quality, is also giving top class mosque carpets services.
  3. Mosque Carpets Dubai are different from these carpets are printed, gives indication to prayer that stand in a row mosque carpet.
  4. We have wide range of carpets, with versatile design, fabulous color and classic theme and pattern.
  5. Our designer designed Mosque carpets carefully. We also lead with extra-large size of carpets which can easily be placed in mosque
  6. To maintain these carpets are easy, it can be swipe or clean easily. Vacuum cleaner or simple boom is also another option for cleaning purpose.
  7. Our designers are very conscious about their work.
  8. Our experts never forget about small area of mosque and have created great style along with best quality of Mehrabs.
  9. Customers mostly preferred Bright colors of Mosque carpet Dubai.
  10. In different and new design buy Mosque carpets because we have lowest rate of highest product. We earn less and pay you more.
  11. We do customization according to your demand. We also provide in-home consultant to our consumers and help them to select the best for mosque.

Why mosque carpets in Dubai have got the easiest sale?

Mosque carpets in Dubai should not some thing however heavy-accountability carpets and so they had been in particular designed for mosque utilization. should you’ve obtained ever visited any mosque then you are going to definitely get a hazard of viewing those carpets stretched over the flooring. Innumerable vintage or traditional Islamic-designs are being created for making the carpets enriched with cultural essence.

due to the fact that a long time Dubai interiors are dealing with a tremendous sort of mosque carpets Dubai. We fully grasp a approach to preserve our market popularity and consequently we use simplest enough high-fine substances for construction these distinctive carpets. Our mosque-carpets have bought a excessive-best craze all for the period of Dubai and therefore our merchandise get consumed in highest numbers in the neighborhood excellent.

Mosques at Dubai are relatively ornamental in enchantment and their ornamental usual may be matched most effective by way of our customized mosque-carpets enriched with company new designs. We on the second are imparting those carpets at profitable offers and in the event you do now not must forget out those deals then you must immediately rush to our internet web page with out losing a unmarried 2d.

Specialties of mosque-carpets of Dubai:

  • Mosque-carpets are most likely thicker in nature. that is why they have acquired now turn out to be one of the maximum beneficial and long lasting floor-coverings. To be extra detailed, mosque-floors will never get damaged even after popularity significant trafficking on a common foundation. on this illustration, the complete credit goes to thickest mosque-carpets.
  • These carpets are being woven in a specialised way and immoderate-end carpet binding supplier is wanted for making them. Binding carpet remnants is likely one of the highest highlighted offerings of carpet-bonding of our agency. the edges and corners were stitched carefully in order that the stitches can last for many years. detailed laces have been used for creating custom-made borders of those carpets. These lace-borders now not handiest beautify the carpet grace nevertheless also shield the carpet-corners for a long term. fashion designer embroideries had been blanketed for matching up the internal-décor of mosques. virtually, embroidered carpets have mow created a great surroundings for accomplishing peaceful prayers.
  • Mosque-carpets are nothing however an extreme part of Islamic existence and retaining this ideas we now have delivered some extremely stylish mosque-carpets with particular traditional designs. Islamic-structure has acquired some distinct highlights and we have now protected all of them within our carpets. Designs of unique Islamic eras had been included inside our mosque-carpets. surely, that is likely one of the fundamental motives that our mosque-carpets on the moment are having the highest sale in Dubai market. now we have prepared those carpets in an extraordinary means so that Islamic emotions and spiritual rituals may be safely-preserved. apart from noted Islamic-artwork, Islamic preaches or prayers have additionally been protected for reinforcing the devout cost of those carpets.

These are the few important specialties which may also be in general located in our detailed mosque-carpet collections. if you happen to believe you studied that identical form of mosque-carpets are fitting used at Dubai mosques at the moment then you definately are unsuitable as a substitute the carpet-designs could range from one mosque to an extra. sometimes, places also create a high-quality impact over the designs of mosque-carpets of Dubai.