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Benefits of having Carpets Underlay

People who have never had experience in buying a new carpet, may not know about the importance of a good carpet underlay.  Although it may seem a waste of time and money but carpet underlay has many advantages and is just as important as the carpet itself. It is recommended to never have carpet fitting carried out without carpet underlay first. And in case, you are not sure from where you can get Carpet Underlay In Dubai, simply visit our store and we’ll sort out everything for you!

What is carpet underlay?

Carpet underlays are a thin layer of cushioning that is made of materials such as sponge rubber, foam, felt, crumb rubber, or recycled plastic. Carpet underlays in Dubai are laid beneath carpeting to provide comfort underfoot, to reduce wear on the carpet, and to provide insulation against sound, moisture, and heat. To get the best quality of carpet underlay in Dubai, you are always welcome to visit our showrooms and use our assistance for selecting the right carpet underlay or your home.

Why choose carpet underlays in Dubai? 

Carpet underlays are overlooked and even dismissed as a pointless additional expense, even though it is actually an integral element that shapes how your carpet would feel, wear and look. Carpet underlay is the key to finish and the longevity of your flooring. Getting the right carpet underlay in Dubai will ensure you get your money’s worth! Because carpet underlays;

  1. Add a cushioned depth of comfort underfoot
  2. Act like a shock absorber, protecting the condition of your carpet flooring
  3. Act as a barrier against noise and helps with soundproofing your space
  4. Act as an insulator and save you money on your energy bills

What is the purpose of carpet underlay?

As mentioned previously, carpet underlay has many functional benefits to offer, such as;

  1. Longevity – carpet underlay ultimately offers protection against the inevitable wear and tear that comes with time and can keep your carpet looking good.
  2. Insulation – the most cost effective advantage of our carpet underlays in Dubai is that they can help reduce significant heat loss, therefore keeping your energy bills to a minimum and keeping the room warmer.
  3. Noise reduction – Depending on the thickness of carpet underlay it will offer significantly noise reduction in all areas. Carpet underlays help to reduce the noise of heavy footsteps or movement of furniture.
  4. Minimal indentation – Heavy furniture can sometimes leave lasting marks on soft carpets, but with carpet underlays the chances of indentation marks are eliminated, helping extend the life of your carpet even further.
  5. Extra comfortcarpet underlay comes with an extra layer of padding that make an even more comfortable and cozy carpet underfoot, improving its quality, too.

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