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SPC Flooring is the leading place for all the people who want flooring for their interior. This is the place where you can decisively get your desired product which will have a huge effect on your home interior. We are offering SPC flooring to our clients which is the superstar. The great dimension ability of this flooring allows the SPC floor to adopt the low or high temperature. There are four types in SPC flooring. They are,

Regular single layer SPC floor

  • Most common
  • Most affordable
  • God ability and suitable for every budget 

Regular double layers SPC floor

  • Called as BA core or ABA core.
  • Better foot feeling while walking.
  • Makes a more stable floor.
  • Cost is 5%-20% than the single-layer SPC floor.
  • Have EVA or IXPE under pad embossed wood look.

EIR surface SPC floor.

  • Looks like a real wood surface. 
  • High-end SPC floor
  • Cost is 2%-5% higher than double layers SPC floor.

 Super hard surface SPC 

  • Aluminum oxide tech is used to make the surface.
  • Increase 30%-80% hardness than regular double UV coating one.
  • Underlay pad is the best part of our SPC flooring because this will increase the soft foot feel.


  • We keep variation in SPC flooring which will glimpse you and grab you toward the product. Customers will glance through a variety of products on our website. 
  • We are offering economical SPC flooring with anti-slippery, Moisture, water resistant, hygienic and anti-bacterial properties.
  • We have superb suppliers who do fast delivery of SPC flooring.
  • We manufacture topmost quality of SPC flooring that is the reason our consumers truly trusted our product and satisfied with our experts.
  • Versatile designs of SPC flooring with the unique and elegant styles attract our client.
  • We manufacture this flooring in distinct color options.
  • We save your investment and give you more in less pay.
  • For those people who want customization in SPC flooring, we are the one stop solution for them.
  • We provide unbeatable SPC flooring to our clients which will enhance the beauty of your interior.
  • SPC flooring is easy to maintain and simpler to clean than other flooring.
  • We prefer simplicity in our flooring to enhance the attractiveness.
  • SPC flooring is considered a blessing over varieties of flooring. It costs a bit but is easy to install and gives lifetime relaxation.
  • We discovered the greatest flooring solution. This SPC flooring is attractive and tough.
  • SPC flooring is a long term investment for the interior.
  • We provide different variety, adorable designing, accurate size, perfect shape, unique pattern and diversified colors with cheap cost.
  • We also delivered custom-made opportunities for flooring with designs. According to consumer requirements, we make amendments in dimensions and colors.
  • Our administrative department will show you the samples free of cost. 
  • We give 100% customer satisfaction by fulfilling their demands and provide services at doorstep.
  • On one call away we will visit your place to show you the samples, share ideas and take measurements. 

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