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A Privacy Policy is a document that manages a customer’s data. It also protects a client’s privacy to fulfill a legal requirement. This statement would tell you what information about a visitor is collected and released. It tells a visitor what information is legal to be collected and what would be done with this information.

If you go through the document, you can realize that how a customer is handled by an organization. Most of the websites create their privacy policies for the visitors. If a data may be left on a user’s computer the policy should explain that.

What is covered by the privacy policies?

The policy would govern our processing of all the personal data via the website. Other international websites and our other international offices would also be involved. You are requested to please go through these policies before disclosing any information.

What should you do if you do not agree with our privacy policies?

If you do not agree with our privacy policies, please ensure not to submit or disclose any personal details to us.

What information would be collected and how would they be used?

All the personal data that has been providing to the international websites are governed by the Policies during the period of processing. The following data about you would be collected, including personal information like name and contact details and sensitive information like your resume. These data would be stored and used. They might be disclosed and processed in the following ways:

  • Your personal data such as your name, contact details as well as your CV would be collected, stored, and be used according to the policies.

  • You can apply online for jobs. You easily submit your CV through this legal document.

  • You also can subscribe for jobs in which you may be interested. The policy will alert you to the jobs

  • It also will assess your eligibility for the jobs. The Privacy Policy will also judge whether the job is suitable for you or not.

  • It would assess your information against the vacancies.

  • In order to apply for the jobs, the privacy policy will send your data to the customers.

  • It provides you the recruitment services. Not only that, it also facilitates your recruitment process.

  • The privacy policy provides you a full range of services on recruitment.

  • If you are interested in different sectors of industry or if you would like to know general information about those industries, the privacy policies can provide you with that.

  • It also gives you details of client’s events, promotions, networking, report and offers of different industries.

The IT consultants properly test and the professional advisors research and carry out the function of development work of the business system on behalf of the privacy policies. This third party performs all these activities and communicates the mailing houses or outsourcing partners.

Sometime you might be requested for criminal reference checking services, qualification, and verification of details. The privacy policy provides all these services by skill test, third-party source, and psychometric evaluation.

They are able to improve their customer services, to market and develop the products and ensure more services.

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