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Prayer Mats

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Prayer Mats – Enhancing Spirituality 

The Prayer Mats has a very strong symbolic meaning and traditionally taken care of in a holy manner. It is disrespectful for one to place Prayer Mats in a dirty location or throw it around in a disrespectful manner. Prayer Mats are traditionally woven with a rectangular design, typically made asymmetrical by the niche at the head end. Within the rectangle one usually finds images of Islamic symbols and architecture. In some cultures decorations not only are important but also have a deep sense of value in the design of the prayer mats.

Prayer mats have always been highly revered because of the purpose it serves in religious rituals. It is not only providing a clean spot for prayers to be performed, but in its design it also represents the promise of paradise and eternity. The design and coloring always depend on the weavers, their history and symbols that they find important enough to display in their Mat, but all prayer mats display a niche that represents the niche in a mosque, called the mihrab. The mihrab in a mosque is made in a wall that faces the Kaaba in Mecca and therefore represents the direction in which prayers are to be performed. provides you with Prayer Mats Dubai that creates a sense of spirituality while praying. So with our collection of Prayer Mats For Sale you know where to find them when a question of Prayer Mats Near Me arises.


Why We To Enhance Spirituality?


For being the best seller of prayer mat, we is working day and night to deliver optimal product.  From versatility of design, pattern, size and theme, we also provide our customers the high range of colors in Prayer Mat Dubai.

Our customers are always satisfied with our quality because the threads or wool which our professionals utilize in Prayer Mats are pure and guaranteed. To maintain the prayer mat is easy and quick, you can wash or dry cleaned to turn them new every time. Our colors are also guaranteed and will remain same after many washes.

We are budget friendly, gives competitive and flexible prices with variety. For instance,

Simple prayer mat – people like to utilize simple prayer mats in daily offering routine. The designs of kaaba and madina makes it more beautiful.

Raschel prayer mat –The mats are specially made with anti-slippery properties, back of raschel prayer mats are made of PVC dots and non-woven fabric, provides friendly environment.


Foldable prayer mats – These prayer mats Dubai are wrinkle free and easy to use.

Embossed printed prayer mats – Embossed touch attracts the prayers. They are mould proof, moisture proof and provides flexibility to prayers.

Velvet prayer mats – beautiful, soft and comfortable mat, ideal for gift after hajj or umrah.

Pocket size prayer mats – new style prayer mats. They are easy to handle even at crowdy place.


The Main Advantages

  • Easy installation
  • Special designs
  • Beautiful models
  • Price advantages
  • Easy cleaning
  • More cushion effect due to thick pile height
  • Long lasting
  • No bad odor or smell
  • Resistant to pulling




What to be viewed for revolutionary prayer carpets Dubai?

Our prayer carpets Dubai have currently created a immoderate-high-quality craze within the market. We respect the spiritual sentiment of folks in Dubai and as a consequence we’re commencing mighty symbols over prayer-carpets. No natural carpet Dubai is also used for prayers rather simplest fashionable ones are chosen for the worried cause. we are close to dealing with special Islamic-symbols for including a devout contact to those carpets.

although these carpets will not be like every workplace carpet but nonetheless they’re getting synthetic commercially. you don’t have got to fear roughly the carpet-side stitches as our weavers are into excessive-quality carpet part stitching. we are honestly since experimenting with carpet-edges for revealing the excessive-exceptional appear of prayer-carpets. Edges are not anything but complimentary for any carpet and as a final result we’re strongly focusing on the equal.

What to recall?

  • we are the utilization of each silk or cotton for making the high-quality prayer carpets in Dubai. Our corporations first affirm the material first-rate in order that excellent approval can be made. If the materials cross the nice-verification assess then easiest they’re getting used for making these carpets. immoderate-first-rate Prayer rugs Dubai cannot be created if the assets aren’t of best enough.
  • we are in touch with a quantity of the quality material-providers for gathering a excellent reserve of critical add-ons. components are generally introduced in bulk in order that the construction method will also be persevered with none damage. Prayer-carpets are undoubtedly giving a frustrating opposition to Carpet tiles Dubai and because of this we are specializing in the manufacture of more and more extra unique publications of prayer carpets in Dubai.
  • The produced carpets are being very good inspected after manufacturing technique is finished. This inspection is being applied for detecting undesirable defects. Our carpet binding provider entails checking of the carpet-binding so that carpet-sturdiness may even be validated in a proper approach. We conform to numerous inspection phases for guarantying the carpet first-class. competently, this is how we’re prevailing the hearts and self idea of our purchasers.
  • We behavior sturdy surveys from time to time so that it will comprehend concerning the unique standards, prospects and tastes of our distinctive buyers. The surveys are being utilized on robust grounds so that we are able to make addition of some extra sides to the prayer-carpets. Our promoting companies have except now acquire nice responses and preserving these responses in intellect we now have purchased rearranged the carpet patterns and designs in beautiful an progressive method. This brand new appear can even be virtually seen in our ultra-present day lots.
  • we’re additionally jogging difficult for boosting our customer-care as a way to offer you your strategies and remarks freely. patron directions concerning reinvent prayer carpet in Dubai are really lovely priceless. Our extremely-modern-day collections can be vied at our reputable gallery and which you could also visit there at any point of time.

For attaining our specialists you can also certainly fill-up the enquiry-kind with your whole expertise. Our representatives will obviously attend you at once after receiving your enquiry and could attempt to cater you feasible help.