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Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring that Adds Shine to your Home

Laminate flooring is an excellent flooring choice for any space whether home or office.  But when shopping for laminate flooring in Dubai it is very common to get confused with the countless options available in the market. That’s why, we have answered all the frequently asked questions in this guide, to help you choose the perfect floors in a fuss freeway.

Is every laminate flooring in Dubai the same?

No, Laminate Flooring comes in 2 basic types that you may come across, they are:

  1. MDF Laminate (Medium density fiber)
  2. HDF Laminate (High density fiber)

MDF laminate flooring in Abu Dhabi is a cheap alternative and more suitable for areas with light foot traffic. They have comparatively less density than HDF floor, hence offering less durability.

However, HDF laminate flooring installation perform well in all applications as the density is over 700kg/m3. The high density feature allows it to stay intact for decades.

Why is laminate flooring installation called maintenance free?

The surface of laminate flooring is made of Melamine impregnated layer with Aluminum oxide, which protects it from stains, scratches and dust. Plus, our product line of laminate flooring in Dubai is manufactured under certain quality standards and abrasion class materials are used in its top layer, which makes it resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, cleaning laminate flooring is very easy, weekly or biweekly vacuuming is enough to keep it clean and new looking.

What about laminate flooring installation methods?

We offer Laminate Flooring Installation in various way, such as;

  1. Glued Laminate. As suggested by name, laminate boards will be joined together with glue. This installation method makes for a very strong floor once installed.
  2. Pre-Glued. In this method, the joints have a glue already applied to them, but the glue has to be moistened in order to activate it for sticking together. This laminate flooring installation method requires less time than glued laminate.

Do laminate flooring come in different surfaces?

Yes, laminate flooring in Abu Dhabi have been continuously advancing, you may want to pick your floor simply based on the outer look of the surface.

  • Smooth. It has a plain finish a layer of varnish same like hardwood. You have the option to choose between high, medium and low gloss finishes.
  • Embossed and/or Textured. Laminate flooring in Dubai come with a textured finish as well. Regular embossing isn’t an exact replica of the printed grain but definitely fool the eye into seeing a surface grain.
  • Distressed/Hand scraped. Hand scraped laminate flooring is a result of engineered process of solid hardwood floor. This latest surface adds an antiqued look to it.
  • Embossed in Registration. This laminate flooring installation matches the grain of the wood exactly and gives the most authentic embossed look.

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