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Professional Furniture Maintenance Service understands how important your furniture is for you. Our team of professionals can provide furniture maintenance service and can repair your damaged pieces. has over a decade of experience repairing, restoring and maintaining all kinds of furniture. We will work with you to keep your furniture painted, sealed, structurally sound and upholstered for your comfort. We are offering every service of furniture maintenance for you so you do not have to worry about your furniture. We offer services of polishing and mending of damaged furniture


  • When you choose for furniture maintenance services, you get a piece of mind. We help you in extending the life of your furniture instead of paying for new furniture every few years. We help you in saving your money while maintaining your home or office furniture for years. 
  • You will have immediate effects as works to make your furniture look new. 
  • We help you in saving the environment by upgrading your existing furniture instead of buying new one.
  • Your furniture will always be in good shape with our services.

We Provide Services of:


Furniture refinishing includes furniture touch ups, furniture polishing, wood staining, custom painting, furniture antiquing and doors refinishing.  


We help you in repairing your damaged furniture to give it a new look. This includes patio furniture repair, canning and rushing repair and door repair. 


We provide couch cushion repair and replacement, leather upholstery repair, kitchen cabinets refinishing, antique furniture restoration, furniture redesign, In-Home furniture services, wooden furniture repair and refinishing. 

With your furniture service needs are expertly covered. We have a well trained staff to provide you the most effective techniques and services of furniture mending and maintenance. We care for your furniture the same way you care for it. 

Reason to Choose

Are you concern regarding the beauty of your room or want to intensify the look with repairing or want to make perfect interior of your home, you must go for furniture maintenance by Our furniture company provides such expert suppliers who maintain all the categories of furniture. Our manufacturers ensure that their product is made or repaired with excessive quality materials and delivers longer durability to the consumers. To modify the look of your rooms, we provide you with beautiful furniture that will not give you an appearance of repair. They always look new. 

We deliver budget friendly products. Our furniture delivered with super-fast services. No hidden charges applied on our product. No compromise with the quality by manufacturers. Consumers found 100% satisfaction by our product is well-known for its great service in Interior decorative products and Interior Designing. For more updates, browse our website. Shop with us, you will experience beyond your imagination. We always welcome your Customized requirement so feel free to order. We serve our users everywhere. For more detail visit our page.

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