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White PVC Flooring

White PVC Flooring– Where Looks and Durability go in Parallel!

Choosing a durable, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable floor for your home or workspace is never an easy process. Due to the countless options available in the market, being indecisive and getting overwhelmed is inevitable. That’s because selecting the right flooring is certainly tougher than as setting furniture because flooring is something that remains there for a long period of time, so, everyone wants to make the right decision first time round. To make the decision easy for you, our White PVC flooring suppliers are introducing new range of white PVC flooring in Dubai that enhances the overall look of the space with its crystal clear appearance and is also extremely durable.

Choose white PVC flooring over others

Many people overlook white PVC flooring in Dubai and prefer floors that seem more luxurious such as wooden, stone or ceramic tiles. While others ignore white PVC flooring tiles to go easy on pocket and choose cheap and low quality flooring only to have it pull out in a year due to damage. But our white PVC flooring suppliers are offering the correct balance between price and quality, by providing flooring that has countless functional benefits to offer. 

High quality construction of white PVC flooring tiles

We manufacture our entire product line of white PVC flooring in Dubai using the finest quality flooring products. Best quality wood grain is used to give our White PVC Flooring Tiles a luxurious appearance. It is impermeable to water and known for its durability. Our white PVC flooring suppliers have been offering aesthetic flooring in a wide range of different colors and textures since years and have never disappointed a single customer. They also provide bespoke services, so customers can get customized flooring that match the interior decor of their space.

Benefits of white PVC flooring 

  1. Super easy and quick installation.
  2. Versatility regarding color and styles.
  3. Offer durability even in areas with heavy foot traffic.
  4. Water and stain resistant features.
  5. Provide great under foot comfort
  6. Reduce noise while walking.
  7. Light weight makes it easy to handle manually.
  8. Low maintenance and easy cleaning procedures.
  9. Anti-Static, so you don’t have to be bothered with static current being passed from the floor.


Installation of white PVC flooring in Dubai 

We are the only white PVC flooring suppliers in the market who consider their customers a part of family. We go out of our way to provide our customers delivery and installation services. And our generosity does not end there, we also have consultants on board, who pay you a visit to show you samples, listen to your ideas for any customization and take the accurate measurements of floor. When it comes to installing your white PVC flooring tiles, we send professionals who levels the subfloor with a special liquid before installing and make sure your floors are installed with perfection and accuracy!

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