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The Medical Recruitment International offers standard business terms for the engagement of services by interviewing an applicant and appointing only those who agree to accept the mentioned terms and conditions.

I. Scope of Services

I.1 There are a lot of processes involved in the identifying and screening the suitable candidates to the appropriate services. The chosen candidates are then submitted according to client’s requirement.

II. Fees

II. 1 No fees is payable by the client if the candidate has been introduced to the client before the Medical Recruitment International. If the candidate has directly applied and the client can provide the proof of this, then he will not need to pay any fees. When a candidate is introduced to the client by Medical Recruitment International for the first time ever, a fee needs to be paid. Here, the term ‘introduction’ refers to the presentation of a candidate to the client for the first time. If the candidate is being introduced by any other suppliers of staff and for which the client paid the fees before, he will not pay the fees at all.

There are three types of service contracts. The first one offers to engage a candidate under a service contract. The second type offers a contract of immediate recruitment. Sometimes the offer is made at any time under the period of eighteen months from the date of the first introduction.

II.2 In the first year, the percentage of fees would be payable for the package. The statement of total remuneration that a candidate receives will be given by the client to Medical Recruitment International. Then the percentage of the fees for the first year‘s package will be calculated. The first year’s gross fixed guaranteed package includes transportation, housing, bonus, etc.

Expenses :

The interview expenses and travels related to the interview of the candidate and also the expenses for relocation which is connected to the assignment will be paid by the client. All the charges associated with the searching process like courier, fax and telephone charges would be payable for by Medical Recruitment International. The approval of all those expenses needs to be granted by the client in prior.

Visa Expenses :

The fees for the introduction of a candidate made by Medical Recruitment International are charged. The payment of the invoices would not be the subject to the employer’s eligibility to secure a visa.

Medical Recruitment International is not liable for the status of the visa of an employee. MRI also would not be responsible for the eligibility of the job of a candidate.

II.3 If the client is not able to inform to Medical Recruitment International that the recruitment of a candidate has been made by the introduction, MRI has the right to charge the fees to the client as has been mentioned in clause 2.2.

II.4 All the introductions will be kept confidential. If any employee or the client or any representative of the client refers the candidate to a third party within a year of his introduction, MRI reserves the right to charge the introduction fees which would have happened if MRI had introduced the candidate.

III. Guarantee

III.1 If the candidate terminates or resigns within eight weeks of appointment, Medical Recruitment International guarantees to offer a free replacement.

The guarantee offer would, however, not be applicable when the job is terminated by on the basis of eliminated position or insufficiency of work or some alteration. MRI does not guarantee the ability or skill of any candidate. If the information given by the candidate and any other resources or through Medical Recruitment International is incorrect, then the period of guarantee is to allow the client to satisfy with the candidature of the applicant that he has required qualification and experience to do the job.

IV. Payment Terms

IV. 1 As soon as the candidate receives an employment an invoice for the contract will be issued to the client. If the payment is due 14 days after the date of issue, Medical Recruitment International would charge $1000 for every 30 days the invoice is not paid by the client.

V. Liabilities

V.1 Medical Recruitment International would not be liable for the act of negligence, dishonesty or fraudulence of any candidate introduced by MRI. It would also not take any liability for any kind of damage or loss and the act or omissions or errors or injury or death of any person that happened directly due to the result of an applicant introduced by MRI.

VI. References and Client Obligations

VI.1 Medical Recruitment International would ensure that the all the candidates offered are suitable for the client’s position, though their skills would not be guaranteed. The client would be responsible for determining whether the qualifications of the candidate would meet the job description and can take up references or not. The client would be responsible for obtaining the necessary work and ensure that the candidate complies with the required employment legislation.

The contract will valid for 1 year from the date of signature.

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