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Swimming Pool Turf – Feel the Nature

Summer is almost here and you want to have your swimming pool ready for it. As you want a comfortable footstep when you get out of your pool, you are looking for a good choice that can save money and time for you. The product you are looking for is turf for swimming-pools. Swimming Pool Turf is the most popular products for home gardens, home swimming pools and other swimming pools in the U.A.E. Due to the weather condition of U.A.E. it is very difficult to have such greenery there. So we came up with an amazing solution of artificial grass.

Elegant and natural look swimming pool turf

Our primary focus is to provide quality products for instance turf for swimming pools. The company has many satisfied customers. Our company provides swimming pool turf grass at a reasonable price. We are the only company in Dubai who is selling top quality artificial grass at wholesale price. Our ultimate goal is to provide customer satisfaction. We can restore your pool to its initial look, update its appearance, or add the latest features. It makes the swimming pool beautiful and near to nature. We never compromise on the quality of these turfs. We provide them at very amazing and affordable rates.

It is very important that swimming pool turf does not slide. We manufacture our turfs with the latest technologies in order to get the highest quality turfs. Our Swimming Pool Turf has a great drainage capacity. When you put some furniture on that grass and when you remove all the items there is no mark of furniture. And the turf recovers its initial position with an easy brush. Swimming pool turf is also a fireproof grass. For swimming-pools with an intensive use, we recommend you to choose the best fiber recovery, such as our swimming pool turf . It is a leafy and smooth product.

Why is it a good idea to install artificial swimming pool turf in outdoor gardens and swimming pool areas? 

Swimming pool turf saves water because you will not have to water it. Just a bit of water and a quick brush from time to time will be enough to keep it perfectly. Swimming pool turf can last for more than 15 years with little maintenance. They are resistant to any weather and resistant to continuous sun exposure. Its color never fades due to the sunlight. Swimming pool turf is easy to clean and easy to maintain. We provide swimming pool turf in different shades of green, whatever you like. They don’t need any fertilizer and are environment friendly and non-allergic.

Falling on natural grass is clearly safer than falling on cement, keeping natural grass right next to the pool invites a bunch of different issues. With simple swimming pool turf, you’ll at once avoid these forms of hazards. The traction of artificial swimming pool turf is way higher than the traction of cement, whether or not it’s wet or not. This enables you to rest simply, knowing that your family is safer in your curtilage.

How are we leading in the market of swimming pool turf

  1. We provide easy installation services of swimming pool turf.
  2. A cushioned surface and gritty sand infill make for a slip-resistant poolside surface.
  3. We provide high quality material at amazing rates.
  4. Swimming pool turf is designed to last 15-20 years.
  5. Comes in various sizes of thickness. Whatever is fulfilling your needs.
  6. It reduced weekend maintenance, so now you don’t have to waste your precious time.
  7. No need to use harmful pesticides.
  8. We provide 24/7 customer service to our valuable clients.

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