How to choose Upholstery for Home Furniture?

The padded textile fabric which is fixed to furniture is upholstery. When you think of buying furniture, the biggest factor you think about is upholstery. What type of fabric is good for your home or which color suits you the best?  It is the biggest confusing factor while selecting fabric. Color is important but other factors are equally important. These factors are following:

  • Long Lifespan

The durability of upholstery depends upon the traffic; it has to bear while kept at home. In case of heavy foot traffic, this fabric has to face heavy wear and tear. Woven fabric can withstand heavy foot traffic so that it can last for a long time. If the sofa or chair has to be shared with pets then, the fabric must be of high quality. Upholstery durability is important if the sofa or chair is for daily use.

  • High Versatility in Style

Fabric is available in high flexibility of style and designs. If you are going to choose upholstery then, fabric choice must be harmonious to the background decorations of your home. For example, traditional fiber can be used for traditional backgrounds or a geometric design on a wing-back chair. The fabric should be of appropriate style, size and design. Larger and bolder patterns can better suit your background decoration and can help you enhance mood. Smaller floral or geometric patterns can adjust better in smaller rooms. 

  • Color selection

Whenever you think of selecting upholstery for your furniture, color is the very first factor you ever think of. Make sure the color choice, which you can bear for a long time without getting bored off. Bold colors must be avoided for smaller rooms especially for large sofas. Neutral colors should be selected for each room so that they can satisfy you over time. Avoid delicate colors for pets or kids’ rooms because they can be stained and grubby soon. To strike the mood, select the right color for warm or cool rooms. This aspect must be part of the decision while choosing fabric. Avoid the trending or outdated colors, unless you like them.

  • Fade Resistance

This is one of the most important factors while choosing upholstery. If you are placing the furniture in a room which is directly exposed to the sunlight then, fabric color can be faded. 

  • Mildew Resistance

If you live in a humid climate then, upholstery fabric must be mildew resistant. Select fabric which suits you the best, which meets your all needs.

  • Allergy Proof Fabric

Some types of fabric traps allergens immediately, which are not good for asthmatic patients. Choose microfiber fabric so that they cannot trap dust particles and help you stay protected from allergens.

  • Cost Effective Fabric

The upholstery fabric is available in many styles, designs, patterns, colors and sizes for each type of furniture but they must be within your pocket range. Cost effectiveness is the most important factor while choosing fabric. If you have selected fabric but it is out of range of your pocket then, how can you buy it? So it must be inexpensive.