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Curtains are made up of synthetic as well as natural fibers. It is a piece of cloth used to hang on a window to block the passage of sunlight. Curtains are of two types: movable or drape curtains. It is used for hanging on the window to cover the lights at night or for privacy in a room. It can be hung in a bedroom or even on the doors. It is used as an interior design for the house to give an amazing and attractive look. It is available in different colors to bloom the area with its quality of texture.

Purpose of curtains:

The main purpose of curtains is used to create some privacy if you have a joint family. Well, it is also used to cover the passage of light such as sunlight, and create darkness. An insulating property in curtains helps the area warmer in cold climates and colder in summer.

  • Lined curtains

Lined curtains help to control the high as well as low temperature and allow a small amount of light to pass through between the panels. It is also used for decorative purposes for the house. Lined curtains are heavy and help in insulation of the house as they have a layer on another layer of fabric.

  • Unlined curtains:

Unlined curtains are not heavy but have a good quality texture. It adds cool to the houses because of its single layer. It allows the passage of sunlight from it.

The Fabric We use for Curtains:

  • Most used cotton is a natural fiber and easy to clean. It is inexpensive and versatile. It is strong, tough, and durable. It is obtained from sheep or lamb.
  • Sheers are attractive and lightweight. It is luxurious but will not provide enough privacy as it is transparent.
  • Velvet is stylish and heavy and can be used for a decorative purpose mostly in a heavy place for attraction.
  1. Colors:

A variety of colors are available in curtains. From nude to the black color you can also get solid colors for the curtains. They give a significant impact on the whole area. For the lighter walls, dark tone curtains are more preferable, while for darker walls lighter tone colors for curtains are preferable. You can also use the same tone for the curtains and the walls.

  1. Patterns:

Curtains have different unique designs and patterns. It can be obtained as lined, unlined, glass embroidery, threading embroidery as well as different designs, etc. Some are plain while some are designed using different colors of thread. You can hold them up on the walls, sofa cum bed, or even behind the bed to give an extraordinary look. Creamy, nude, or black color curtains are the most used curtains around the world.

Blinds vs curtains:

The confusion between choosing the blind or the curtains for the window treatment is constant.  Blinds slats can be opened vertically or horizontally, and are easy to close. They are less expensive than any other window treatment and require much less time to be manufactured. Where curtains are more expensive than blinds. It will take almost an hour to install the curtains in the window and to give a unique style to the curtains. Cotton curtains are cheaper than linen curtains. Blinds offer passage of light from the slats. It is also used to control the light entering a window, curtains block the whole sunlight. Blinds are easier to clean. You just have to wipe it from both sides whereas curtains require washing or vacuum on it. If you are using a vacuum you have to remove dust from top to bottom. You can change the curtains weekly or monthly and can install your favorite color of curtains, Whereas blinds cannot be changed once they are installed in the windows.

Why Choose Us?

Curtains are mostly used for interior designing, we have developed different colors and designs in curtains. Well, the quality, luxurious and stylish curtains of our company are available in the market. We make every kind of home product for our customers so that they can have these products at a very nominal price and use it for numerous years. So get a curtain from us and you will adore the presence of our product.

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