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Artificial grass

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Abu Dhabi

Artificial grass is ideal for those looking for a deeper, luscious synthetic grass that offers both functional and aesthetically benefits. Our collection of Artificial Grass Carpets In Abu Dhabi has both functionality and looks; as we have manufactured it to look like natural grass and comes with handful of other advantages as well.

Our artificial grass suppliers in Abu Dhabi stock different designs, thicknesses and shades to meet different needs and requirements of customers as there is no one-grass fits-all. But one common feature among all our range is that their softer surface makes them seem more like the real thing, while on the other hand, harder materials are more suitable for heavy traffic areas. However, our artificial grass in Abu Dhabi can come really handy if you throw parties every other day.

Benefits of Artificial Grass Carpets

Artificial grass in Dubai is a wise investment that offer many benefits, here are a few!

  1. Artificial grass carpets in Abu Dhabi save water and promotes drought tolerance
  2. Requires minimal maintenance
  3. No fertilizers or pesticides are needed for artificial grass in Dubai
  4. Artificial grass in Abu Dhabi is way cheaper considering you don’t have to mow it every once in a while
  5. Artificial grass in Abu Dhabi does not result in any harmful emissions which helps the environment and is harmless to those with allergies
  6. Our Artificial Grass Suppliers In Abu Dhabi provide best quality grass carpets that stay green all year round

Time consumption for installing artificial grass in Dubai depends on how much preparation your project requires. Artificial grass is usually installed in one or two hours. However, in sloppy areas or those that require a groundbreaker will require more time.

Features Of Our Artificial Grass

  1. Shiny and lush texture just like natural grass.
  2. No water, fertilizers or sunlight needed to sustain.
  3. Hygienic properties of artificial grass carpets in Abu Dhabi does not foster any insects or mites.
  4. Climate resistant.
  5. Our artificial grass suppliers in Abu Dhabi offer artificial grass for arenas and indoor sports as well.
  6. Soft and comfortable to walk on.
  7. Excellent grip and anti-slippery.
  8. Best quality at most affordable cost.

How to reach out to us?

We are always delighted to hear from you and have kept it simple for you to reach out to us. Simply contact on the below given details and our representative will guide you further. Trade, wholesale, samples or prices of artificial grass in Dubai, whatever your concern is you can get it clarified by contacting us through the following details! You will also avail our complementary customer care services by purchasing artificial grass carpets in Abu Dhabi from us. Our services include;

  1. Free sample checking at the comfort of your home.
  2. Free consultation with experts.
  3. Doorstep delivery and installation on the same day of purchase.

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