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15mm Turf


15 mm Turf – Design Your Space Perfectly 

Artificial grass has become one of the most significant necessities of home decor these days. It is being used in a wide variety of places. 15 mm Turf is not solely made use of in sports and amusement venues however conjointly widely employed in gardens, courtyards, playgrounds, roof, balconies and other style and construction programmes, has gained a lot of and a lot of wide recognition and promotion. As the natural turf requires weather conditions and it grows in certain weather so, for the sports activities it is not suitable. To tackle this issue we are here providing 15 mm thick turf which is best for the different kinds of sports, entertainment places, exhibitions, landscaping, garden green etc. In fact, it has gained popularity in the whole world due to lack of water requirements.

High-quality 15 mm turf 

Our skilled and experienced craftsmen are making high quality artificial 15 mm turf that you can’t find anywhere else. They are dense and strong. Little thicker than 10mm turf, which makes this more attractive and greeny. The best performing artificial grass in the market. 15mm thick turf saves water, over 50% reduction in residential water use. We can install everything we sell utilizing our trained professional installers. Our artificial 15mm Turf is of top quality and soft to touch.  It is easy and comfortable if you walk barefoot on it, jump or run. It has now become an alternative for the real worn-out grass that hinders the beauty and look of your residential areas.

Fabulous and modern designs of 15 mm turf

15mm turf has currently become an alternate for the real worn-out grass that hinders the attractiveness and appearance of your home. Your cats and dogs would really fall in love with this new addition to your home. Modern interior designers are finding new ways to create an extra ordinary house. For this, they are privileged to install artificial 15mm turf at their terraces, balconies, rooftops and other places where there is no chance for real grass growth. when you are already investing so much money over your desire of destination, then this grass with reasonable price aids your budget.

Your yard will maintain its beauty throughout the year. It doesn’t require water, fertilizer, pesticide. You can save money on resources needed to maintain your lawn synthetic 15mm turf is long lasting and you will not have to incur the expense of period replanting that natural grass will require. Synthetic grass offers excellent drainage so after rain or the use of water to wash it, the turf will dry quickly. Playing sports on the lawn will not damage the grass. If you’re searching for the best provider and supplier of artificial 15mm turf, you are at the right place.

Partiality between us and the competitors

  1. We provide premium quality material for the 15mm turf.
  2. We give you the assurance of durability of the 15mm turf.
  3. We deal in a number of designs, styles, colors and materials to fulfill the needs of our clients.
  4. We provide 24/7 customer services to our customers. Feel free to call or email us at the given address.
  5. Provide an expert for the installation.
  6. Our representative will come up by your home and show you the best design that we are providing and support you in choosing the best.

Purchase from us online

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